Mayu Arimitsu
Voice Actor/Actress

Born and raised in a global-minded, art-loving family in Tokyo, Japan, I naturally became interested in performing arts and curious about understanding other cultures.
I started taking dance classes at the age of three and throughout my school days my favorite subjects were art, music, and English.

My ability to understand other people coupled with my empathy & sensitive nature, urged me to play the role of the peacekeeper. And over time, it turned into my desire to contribute to society as an actress.

I started working in the entertainment industry in 2006, and ever since then I have been blessed with countless opportunities to work in theater, films, TV shows, commercials, radio, and events.
Alongside my performing career, I also worked as an English-to-Japanese translator and bilingual presenter, which greatly expanded my acting range as a result.
I continue to enjoy working full-time as an actress/voice over artist, making my international clients happy from my own home studio.


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